Individual exhibition
Muzuem Współczesne Wrocław 2022
curator: Katarzyna Krysiak

This is an exhibition about welcoming visitors and fear of visitors. An exhibition about gold and hollow teeth, intestinal worm movements, German washing powder, sweat and ponglish. It will include works from the "Tablecloths" series, which Monika Drozynska has been developing since 2019. In her own words: "The tablecloth is used to celebrate life in community and relationships. I cover the table with a tablecloth when I want to celebrate the daý. I set the tablecloth when I will̨ someone to host. We sit down at the table. The tablecloth brings us together. We keep our hands, arms, food, drinks on it."
The works were made in the technique of hand embroidery on fabric. Each is an "essay" written with words, signs and images. Here the artist uses a number of alphabets: Georgian, Hebrew or Cyrillic, Morse and Braille, mixes phrases written in different languages: Polish, Ukrainian, German, English or Afrikaans, uses iconography taken from sign language, road and evacuation signs, iconography of political systems, logos of corporations and social movements, refers to the symbolism of prison tattoo or graphic interpretations of star constellations.
Monika Drozynska's embroideries are a record of the causes and consequences of migration, emigration, one-way travel, and marking the role that language plays in the story. In a nutshell - why we keep rushing somewhere and what comes of it.
Stay tuned!