Two means us

"Two means us" is an exhibition of holistic resistance.
We will suggest how to take care of yourself, loved ones and social well-being in the mental, physical and social spheres.
We will show the recipe for beetroot leaven in the form of a series. The acid cleanses, de-acidifies and strengthens the body's immunity. It does not rule out economically, it is cheap and easy to prepare, it is a natural probiotic and a remedy for many ailments.
From the exercises we suggest looking into the distance. It will relieve the feeling of emptiness and depression. Use affects creativity that will come in handy in an uncertain viral future.
Social Activities - Physical closeness is fundamental to mental health. To be together as much as possible, as often as possible, not more than two meters apart. Visitors will be able to take the embroidered manual home with them.
Spirituality - we recommend it! We don't have a recipe.

Exhibition Bureau 2020