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The "Flags" series of artworks is a group of objects manufactured by hand embroidery technique, using red thread on white fabric. Among embroidered inscriptions there are song lyrics, rhymes, popular sayings, and counting-out rhymes.  The flags were made in cooperation with various groups of people during a several days performative workshop which took place in urban and gallery spaces. Until now five flags have been created.

Flag No. 1 was embroidered with the lyrics of the Marlena Dietrich's song 'Lily Marlen'; the song had been banned by censorship during the World War II, as it had been regarded as cooling German soldiers war enthusiasm. The song tells a story about love and separation of two lovers dancing in the light of street lamp. Inscription embroidered in German. Flag No. 1 was made as a result of German-Polish cooperation Krakow-Nuremberg.
The Nuremberg House in Krakow, The Krakow House in Nuremberg.
Flag No. 2 was embroidered with Balquees Ahmed Fathi song lyrics. It is a Yemen song's cover telling a story about a little sparrow searching for love in the Springtime. Inscription embroidered in Arabic.

Flag No. 2 was made as a result of cooperation with Polish female Muslim converts from Muslim Centre in Poznan. In cooperation with the Polish Theatre as part of the Theatre Meetings "Close Strangers".

Flag No. 3 was embroidered with Pink Floyd's song "Money". It was made as a result of cooperation with the artist's parents, who are immigrants and live in the United Kingdom. During the process of embroidery, a documentary was made on personal economic and social experience of living in Poland and UK. Embroidery process took place after dinner, in the artist's parents' home. Lancaster the United Kingdom.

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Flag No. 4 was embroidered with Lithuanian folk songs, count-on rhymes and popular sayings about Polish-Lithuanian relations. Inscription embroidered in Lithuanian. Flag No. 4 was made in cooperation with Polish and Lithuanian women living in Vilnius. During the process of embroidering a documentary was made, recording the process of work and selection of complex relationships between Poles and Lithuanians. Cooperation with the Laznia Centre of Contemporary Art in Gdansk and Artifex Gallery in Vilnius during Vilnius Gallery Weekend.

Flag No. 5 is a theatrical spectacle in the form of an embroidery workshop. The flag was embroidered in Polish by people living and working in Warsaw. Both amateur and professional actors and actresses were among the participants of the project. The workshop was carried in the form of a spectacle on theatre stage; it has become a critical commentary on participatory and socially engaged art. All spectacle episodes were directed, yet leaving the space for performative activities. "Flag No. 5" was awarded in the second edition of the program "Placówka" of Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute in Warsaw.