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Exercises of looking from the distance

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The works concern artist's conditions as an occupational group struggling with the lack of funding as well as problems with distribution of resources among public institutions in Poland. Artist goes beyond the world of art proving that society is a system of connected vessels struggling simultaneously with the economy and  lack of common sense. This year at the annual Malta festival that is testing the concept of "new world order", the artist pointed out the absurd and anxiety of the events appearing in the field of finance management. In that context the entire situation was a paradox. The Poznań's main party was given generous funding from the city whilst other public institution, in this case The house of sobriety association that helps people with addictions, suffers from lack of funding to cover basic necessities. As an artistic gesture Drożyńska made a bank transfer donating the institutional account with the sum allocated for the event. It gave her the possibility to move public money. It was a gesture that added compassion and care to political priorities of an unquestionable importance, seeing happiness as a one of political effects.

Exercises of looking from the distance are another attempt to draw attention towards the illogicality and absurdity of the way the world institutions function within the context of the economy and the production of art and events. Monika Drożyńska problematizes approach of the institutions towards production of art when there is a great lack of funding. She reminds us that generating of cultural goods is a type of game where the lack of money is often seen as "challenge that stimulates one's imagination". What does the world of art (the employer) offers to an artist (employee) in return for the lack of action? For example family holidays by the sea. The institution seen as a factory of art is transformed into space for rest and non-action that turns out to be extremely perverse and eloquent. Resting from art is becoming an art. Exercises of looking from the distance is a type of anti-activity or a group anti-activity to which the artist invites the denizens, sunbathers, shopping mall employees and tourists. Looking from the distance suggests that waiting for change, persisting in uncertainty in a practically natural state of artists along with other professional and social groups. The exercises performed in a summer season in a fancy spa located by the sea also point out the constant anxiety, inability to rest, endless need for activity, fear of not-working and uncertainty that accompanies the precariat.